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Tibor is a chef/educator/mentor/blogger and food photographer whose hospitality experience spans across multiple roles and national boundaries over three continents. Through his hugely successful facebook page, Tibor’s Kitchen, he has become the go-to expert on texture-modified meals for the health and aged care industries.


Tibor works nationally and abroad training chefs in texture modified food preparation and presentation – changing culture, building skills, and mentoring innovators. He also works with aged care and retirement village providers on the re-design of their catering operations in readiness for a more consumer-driven market, where the competitive edge may well lie in more creative menus, a better dining experience and amazing customer service.


Guiding quote – ‘Being spoon fed only teaches the shape of the spoon.’ I have come across this quote recently and it speaks to my core belief that we cannot ever accept the last outcome as the best. We have an obligation to ourselves and to others to constantly search for better outcomes. This empowers us to be innovators and in turn empower others no longer to be content with being ‘spoon fed’. I never want to stop asking the question that I ask many times everyday and I hope to convince others to ask. The question is: What if?