—  Training Day in Tibor's Kitchen  —

Last opportunity this year

  • Tuesday 21st November 10am - 3pm

Knowing what’s on the plate in front of us is such a fundamental assumption that we don’t even think about it, but it is a daily mystery for many people on texture-modified diets. Making the shift to formed meals increases the quality of life of clients and fights chronic weight loss that has to be balanced with expensive supplements.

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Even for those who have embarked on the path of formed texture-modified meals, the landscape is constantly changing with new techniques and products being introduced onto the market. It’s important to stay current and deliver services that truly benefit the customer. This can only be achieved if we embed systemic changes that make financial sense.

Tibor’s Kitchen has put together a 1-day training program for health and aged care professionals, which covers the philosophy, techniques, products and a practical approach to implementing sustainable change. The program is hands-on cooking with the additional topics of food safety, allergens and the new IDDSI framework.

We will eat texture-modified meals throughout the day to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer’s dining experience.

Participants will gain:

Knowledge about the different consistencies required, products available for people on texture-modified diets and the various preparation methods

Skills in preparing texture-modified foods and formed pureed meals

Understanding of your customer's dining experience

Attitude that will make it impossible to serve slops again.