. . . because food is the love of a lifetime

Love of food doesn’t stop as we age. Mealtimes are planned and looked forward to . . . they can either be the highlight of your day or a just another pleasure that age has taken away.

As a chef, I am always conscious of the simple pleasure a good meal can bring. Food needs to be more than simply fuel for the body, it also needs to taste great, look appealing and sitting down to a meal needs to be a pleasurable experience.

Because food is the love of a lifetime and it doesn’t stop just because years catch up with us. A little tingle on the tongue and one is reminded that life is about taking risks and excelling in it. Each of our residents is a survivor and an achiever. They've raised families; survived hardship and they have thrived.

And they all have added something to better the lives of those who followed them. There is an incredible honour in that.

I wanted to do better than we ever had, particularly for the most vulnerable – those with dysphagia or living with dementia. I also wanted to document the journey and connect with others who might share my passion. As a result the Tibor’s Kitchen facebook blog was created, where through food, we explored and documented how we can make a real and measurable difference for our aged care customers.

Through Tibor’s Kitchen, I have met some amazing people – we share ideas and find solutions to new challenges. We all have a part to play to realise the best for each of us, no matter if we are a customer, dietitian, cook or nurse. It all starts with one simple truth: we have to love FOOD.